Synchronized browser testing for web and mobile.

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Ghostlab works on all major browsers and mobile devices

One site. 
One experience

Whether you want it or not, your site is going mobile - every day. Use Ghostlab to make sure all your users get the same neat experience - whatever operating system, browser or smart phone they are using.

Ghostlab syncs everything

Synchronized Testing. Really

Ghostlab synchronizes scrolls, clicks, reloads and form input across all connected clients. This means what you're testing is not the simple page load, but the full user experience.

  •   Page scroll
  •   Form inputs
  •   Clicks
  •   Reload
Ghostlab inspection tool


Use the superior built-in inspector to get to the bottom of any problem fast. Connect to the DOM or JavaScript output on any device and effectively fix trouble-making code.

Ghostlab any client

Any client. No setup

Any JavaScript-enabled client can instantly connect to Ghostlab - no setup required. Ghostlab will keep in touch with them to let them know of any changes that are relevant to them - be it after a few seconds, or after a few days. They even survive a server reboot!

Tested Browsers
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 8 & above
  • Opera Mobile
  • Opera 11
  • FireFox Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone
  • Safari mobile
  • Android 2.3 & above

What developers say

Ghostlab in the wild

"One hour after the first test run, @ghostlabapp was part of our workflow. Our favorite: Connect any browser without setup. – Perfect."

Illustration, interface and interaction design.

"I think I said this already but I'm seriously impressed with Ghostlab - it's like magic on steroids. #rwd #mobileweb /cc @ghostlabapp"
Nathan Pitman


"Cool! Ghostlab app even works with browsers in virtual machines. Takes a bit of the pain of debugging for IE <8 away"
"It's brilliant, it's genius, I love it!"
"Demonstrated @ghostlabapp. Client melted."
Andrew Clarke

Designer - author - speaker


Read about some more Ghostlab features before getting a one on one with the demo!

  Serve from anywhere

The Ghostlab server syncs pages from your local directory, your localhost Apache setup, or any server in the world. Quickly change from one site to another, and all your clients will follow. Even if you're just looking for a quick HTTP server setup - using Ghostlab will make this easy!

  Automatic reloading

If you're serving a local folder, let Ghostlab keep track of file changes and instantly make connected clients display the latest version. Even if you're serving via HTTP, you can configure watchkeeping on a local folder for any site.

  Easy forms

Tired of making up names for form submits? Typing those same keys over and over? Use shortcuts such as '$r' to quickly fill out forms - of course, across all clients. Just make sure your DB can handle the concurrent submit ;-)

  Adapt to your Web

Sometimes, the Web just doesn't do what you'd expect it to. Customize Ghostlab's features, such as scrolling and page reloading, to be exactly what you want them to be.

  Workspace feature

Ghostlab allows you to create a custom browser setup on the computer where it is running. Get Firefox, Chrome, and Safari in your favorite configuration and reopen all the windows in an instant.

  Fair license

Download Ghostlab and try it for 7 days. If you feel like it does the job you need it for, buy a license and install it on up to two of your computers.


Control who views your project with the built in security features, even on the same network!


Networking is hard, but we have you covered. We have extensive doc's and give personal support.

  Keep-awake function

Ghostlabs makes your devices stay awake while testing. (Android ≥ 4, iOS)

Ghostlab robot